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“Without the feminist movement I wouldn’t exist.” – Robert Ayers in conversation with Kiki Smith.

Kiki Smith, 2009

Many readers of A Sky filled with Shooting Stars will know that Kiki Smith is an artist for whom I have enormous regard. Back in 2006 I named her Whitney retrospective “A Gathering” as ARTINFO’s joint-best New York museum show of the year (tying it with Sean Scully at the Met) […]

“I’m not afraid of the word romanticism.” – Robert Ayers in conversation with Yigal Ozeri.

Yigal Ozeri

I’ve known Yigal Ozeri for something like four years now, and written about his work for ARTINFO on several occasions. He is a genuinely larger than life character, and one of the most voluble, most likeable characters on the New York art scene. Born in Israel in 1958, Mr Ozeri has been […]

“The best exhibition I have ever seen, anywhere, in my life” – Francis Bacon at the Met.

Francis Bacon, "Head VI" 1949

I know it’s beyond a joke now, but having experienced “Francis Bacon: A Centenary Retrospective” at the Met yesterday I now formally reinstate it as New York’s museum show of 2009. I admit I was thrilled by the Guggenheim’s “The […]

“Abstraction is what I like, and it’s what I feel I should do. I feel left with it. I feel responsible.” – Robert Ayers in conversation with Frank Stella.

Frank Stella's 1976 Art Car, a BMW 3.0 CLS

Frank Stella is one the best known, most important, and most regularly provocative artists of the modernist tradition. When he made his first black “pinstripe” paintings in 1959 and then declared “What you see is what you see” […]

Personal recommendations: Bonnard at the Met

Pierre Bonnard, "Dessert" (1940)

A Sky filled with Shooting Stars concerns itself primarily with New York’s contemporary art scene but, as any fool knows, without an appreciation of art’s histories, any sense of contemporary significance is going to be entirely unhinged. Imagine my recent conversation with Larry Poons […]

“I feel naked all of a sudden.” Gregory Crewdson gives the game away.

Gregory Crewdson, fully clothed

I want to thank the College Group at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for a real treat yesterday evening. To tie in with the museum’s excellent current show “Reality Check: Truth and Illusion in Contemporary Photography,” celebrity-photographer Gregory Crewdson talked about his work and […]