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See this now (before the show closes!) – Rodney Graham’s “Green Cinematograph” in “Canadian Humourist” at Vancouver Art Gallery

Rodney Graham, or perhaps not

Rodney Graham’s fabulous show Canadian Humourist is obviously something of a sideshow for many visitors to Vancouver Art Gallery (where it’s showing through September 30). The star attraction there just now is Collecting Matisse and Modern Masters – The Cone Sisters of Baltimore. In fact, to promote that show […]

Go see this now: Paul McCarthy’s “Shit Pie (White Snow)” (2009) at Hauser & Wirth

Paul McCarthy, "Shit Pie (White Snow)" (2009)

If there’s a less polite exhibit than Paul McCarthy’s White Snow in New York presently, I certainly haven’t seen it.

Pretty much throughout his entire artistic career – certainly since I first saw him perform in England in 1983 – Mr McCarthy has trained his artistic focus […]

On the fingers of one hand: Iwan Wirth on Hauser & Wirth New York

Iwan Wirth

Earlier today ARTINFO and The New York Times broke the story that Hauser & Wirth – Flash Art’s “top international gallery” in Europe – is to open a gallery in New York this September. During the summer they will be converting their building at 32 East 69th Street (which is currently home […]