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On the fingers of one hand: five of the best gallery shows opening this week.

Roman Signer, "Ramp" 2008

Second week of the new season and there are still great new shows opening pretty much every night of the week. This week it’s been a little bit harder to steer away from some of the obvious choices (my final pick today is more or less unavoidable – though none […]

On the fingers of one hand: the best of this week’s new gallery shows.

Phillip Toledano, "Allanah" (2008)

It’s that time of year again. Labor Day’s behind us and the city’s gallery season is about to begin. It is always an exciting moment, regardless of the economy, and it’s an excitement that seems to catch the imagination of people way beyond the usual gallery-going public. Though I shall […]

“I think every artist would like to be a rock star.” – Robert Ayers in conversation with Mickalene Thomas.

Mickalene Thomas

No one walking along West 53rd Street on the way to MoMA this summer can miss Mickalene Thomas’s remarkable installation Le déjeuner sur l’herbe: Les Trois Femmes Noires in the window of The Modern restaurant. What may come as a surprise to many MoMA visitors though, are the direct links that exist […]

“I think it’s color, really, that keeps me interested.” – Robert Ayers in conversation with Richard Smith.

Richard Smith, 2001 (Photo: Rose Smith)

Had I not stumbled upon performance art in the early 1970s, it is very possible that I would have dedicated my artistic efforts to abstract painting after the particular example of my compatriot Richard Smith (born 1931). When I was a young British art student there were very […]

“A great way for me to relive my fantasies!” – Robert Ayers in conversation with Thomas Allen.

Thomas Allen, "Shooting Stars" (1996)

Thomas Allen has been a favorite photographer of mine since I first saw his work at the Foley Gallery in 2004. He describes his work quite simply: “I work with vintage paperbacks, mainly 1950s pulp novels. I cut them with an Exacto knife and make pop-up books. Then I […]

Go see this now: Amy Stein’s “Struggle” (2008) at ClampArt.

Amy Stein, "Struggle" (2008)

A weather front passes over low hills and a broken row of small houses; the sky darkens; and, just as the storm is about to break, a bizarre and terrifying sight unfolds before our eyes. A wild bear, one of the proudest and most feared creatures that comes into […]

“I’m not afraid of the word romanticism.” – Robert Ayers in conversation with Yigal Ozeri.

Yigal Ozeri

I’ve known Yigal Ozeri for something like four years now, and written about his work for ARTINFO on several occasions. He is a genuinely larger than life character, and one of the most voluble, most likeable characters on the New York art scene. Born in Israel in 1958, Mr Ozeri has been […]

“Three cheers for the unconscious!” – Robert Ayers in conversation with Malcolm Morley

Malcolm Morley, "Ring of Fire" (2009)

Many years ago, back in the early 1980s, I used to write for a little British art magazine called Artscribe. We published in black and white, scraping by from issue to issue, but we were an earnest little group who felt that our opinions […]

On the fingers of one hand: Cheryl McGinnis says, “Being unsuccessful is not an option.”

Cheryl McGinnis

I first met Cheryl McGinnis three years ago, not long after she’d opened her gallery way up Madison Avenue in Carnegie Hill. I was immediately intrigued: although Lesley Heller was just around the corner on 92nd Street in those days, and they were both within a […]

Personal recommendations: You think it’s cold out there today?

Corey Arnold, "Gulf Crossing" (2007)

I know we’re all meant to be focused on the fairs this week, but none of them have opened yet, and I didn’t want to miss the chance to recommend the wonderful show of photographs by Corey Arnold at Sara Tecchia. On the […]