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The Kiev Biennale: One month later

The Kiev Biennale: installation was reported completed June 14.

Given my rather critical account of my experiences in Ukraine last month, I thought it only fair to add this update. I’m afraid there is little good news, however.

On June 14 (which is to say, three weeks after the scheduled opening) I received an […]

Read this now: “Prom” by Mary Ellen Mark.

Mary Ellen Mark at work on "Prom", Chelsea Piers, New York City. (Photo dlemieux on flickr.)

A few weeks before the dawn of time the very first interview I ever did back at ARTINFO was with Mary Ellen Mark. The occasion was Steidl’s republication of her 1981 “Falkland Road” book of photographs of Bombay […]

Best and Worst at The Armory Show Modern

James Castle, "Photo Album' (undated)(Courtesy Fleisher/Ollman Gallery)

First, let’s just say that something rather wonderful has happened on Pier 92. In its brief lifespan the “Modern” section of The Armory Show has gone from uncertain beginnings through enthusiastic acceptance. Now though, with the almost total relaxation of distinctions between “Modern” and “Contemporary”, and […]

“I think it’s hilarious!” Robert Ayers in conversation with Fred Tomaselli

Fred Tomaselli

One of the most enjoyable artist interviews I ever did back in my old ARTINFO days was a piece I did with Fred Tomaselli in 2006. It’s as short as any of those ARTINFO articles, and deals in most detail with technical matters, but in re-reading it, it occurs to me that […]

Art Fair Conversations – Armory Arts Week, 2010

Clayton Price, "Unheeded Warning" (2001) at Verge

This is the busiest – and many people would say the most important – week in the New York City art calendar. The Armory Show itself, on the west side’s Piers 92 and 94, is one of the world’s most significant art fairs. Every year it attracts […]

“Without the feminist movement I wouldn’t exist.” – Robert Ayers in conversation with Kiki Smith.

Kiki Smith, 2009

Many readers of A Sky filled with Shooting Stars will know that Kiki Smith is an artist for whom I have enormous regard. Back in 2006 I named her Whitney retrospective “A Gathering” as ARTINFO’s joint-best New York museum show of the year (tying it with Sean Scully at the Met) […]

On the fingers of one hand: Jewish Museum Curator Mason Klein addresses Man Ray’s “otherness”.

Man Ray, "Self-Portrait" (1924)

When I predicted the top museum shows of 2009 for ARTINFO back in January, I remember being particularly excited about this one, Alias Man Ray: The Art of ReInvention that opens at the Jewish Museum on Sunday (and runs through next March). Now that I have had a chance to […]

“I’m not afraid of the word romanticism.” – Robert Ayers in conversation with Yigal Ozeri.

Yigal Ozeri

I’ve known Yigal Ozeri for something like four years now, and written about his work for ARTINFO on several occasions. He is a genuinely larger than life character, and one of the most voluble, most likeable characters on the New York art scene. Born in Israel in 1958, Mr Ozeri has been […]

“The best exhibition I have ever seen, anywhere, in my life” – Francis Bacon at the Met.

Francis Bacon, "Head VI" 1949

I know it’s beyond a joke now, but having experienced “Francis Bacon: A Centenary Retrospective” at the Met yesterday I now formally reinstate it as New York’s museum show of 2009. I admit I was thrilled by the Guggenheim’s “The […]

“Oh, that’s mine!” – Robert Ayers in conversation with April Gornik

April Gornik (Photo: Eric Fischl)

For a long time I have had a real enthusiasm for April Gornik’s painting, and not only because she was the subject of the very first interview that Barbara MacAdam asked me to do for ARTINFO in 2005. There is an unwritten rule over at […]