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“I think of myself as an artist with a conscience.” – Robert Ayers in conversation with Nick Cave.

Nick Cave, "Soundsuit" (2008) Private Collection, New York (Photo: James Prinz) Courtesy the artist and Jack Shainman Gallery

I can’t think of another artist who occupies quite the same position as Nick Cave. Some parts sculptor, some parts couturier, some (large) part performance artist, an obsessive collector of domestic detritus and – it transpires […]

Best and Worst at the Armory Show Contemporary

Jesper Just "Some Draughty Window" (2007) (Video Still)

Galleries may come and galleries may go, but The Armory Show goes on forever, it would seem. And for most of those thousands of visitors who will stand on line outside on Twelfth Avenue this weekend, “The Armory Show” means the Contemporary pier. This – far […]

Best and Worst at the ADAA Art Show

Joseph Cornell, "Aviary with Parrot and Drawers" (1949)

This is a really good ADAA Art Show, the best I can recall for some time. The Art Dealers Association of America is after all a professional organization, and after the last few years’ vying with the Armory Show for top-dog status, it’s as though they’ve […]

Best and Worst at The Armory Show Modern

James Castle, "Photo Album' (undated)(Courtesy Fleisher/Ollman Gallery)

First, let’s just say that something rather wonderful has happened on Pier 92. In its brief lifespan the “Modern” section of The Armory Show has gone from uncertain beginnings through enthusiastic acceptance. Now though, with the almost total relaxation of distinctions between “Modern” and “Contemporary”, and […]