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Go see this now: Amy Stein’s “Struggle” (2008) at ClampArt.

Amy Stein, "Struggle" (2008)

A weather front passes over low hills and a broken row of small houses; the sky darkens; and, just as the storm is about to break, a bizarre and terrifying sight unfolds before our eyes. A wild bear, one of the proudest and most feared creatures that comes into […]

On the fingers of one hand: Salima Hashmi, curator of Asia Society’s “Hanging Fire” says that Pakistanis “are tired of being misrepresented by the media.”


Salima Hashmi with Hamra Abbas's "Ride 2" (2008)

One of the more important things that museum exhibitions can do is show us things we haven’t seen before. If that causes us to realize that we’d made assumptions that were ill-founded, then all the better. One New York institution that has an excellent track record […]

“I’m not afraid of the word romanticism.” – Robert Ayers in conversation with Yigal Ozeri.

Yigal Ozeri

I’ve known Yigal Ozeri for something like four years now, and written about his work for ARTINFO on several occasions. He is a genuinely larger than life character, and one of the most voluble, most likeable characters on the New York art scene. Born in Israel in 1958, Mr Ozeri has been […]