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“I’m influenced by the myth of Sisyphus, Kafka, and Dostoyevsky” – Robert Ayers in conversation with Tehching Hsieh

Tehching Hsieh

Anyone who knows the what’s what in performance art acknowledges Tehching Hsieh as one of the great defining artists of the discipline. Having arrived here as an illegal immigrant from Taiwan in 1974, he made a series of five quite unbelievable year-long performances between 1978 and […]

“I’m not more intelligent than I appear.” – “Andy Warhol ‘Giant’ Size: Large Format”.

You remember the Andy Warhol “Giant” Size book that Phaidon published in 2006? An extraordinary and utterly covetable book, it sells for $125 full-price (though Amazon have sellers offering at less than $75), weighs in at more than seventeen pounds, and measures more than seventeen inches by thirteen. […]

On the fingers of one hand: Lisa Phillips and her curatorial team explain what’s so good about being “Younger than Jesus”.

Chu Yun, "This is XX" (2006)

When I looked forward at the beginning of the year to “The Generational: Younger than Jesus”, the New Museum’s first edition of its international triennial, I said I was hoping for “some spectacularly hit-and-miss controversy”. Now that I’ve seen the show I […]

“Christ! You know it ain’t easy.” Yoko Ono is “the greatest artist of the period”.

Yoko Ono (right) and Alexandra Munroe

I have written here several times about how highly I rate the Guggenheim’s current show “The Third Mind: American Artists Contemplate Asia, 1860–1989”. I have called it “Exhibition of the Year!” and celebrated its “trust in the chance gesture and the unconsidered […]

On the fingers of one hand: Cheryl McGinnis says, “Being unsuccessful is not an option.”

Cheryl McGinnis

I first met Cheryl McGinnis three years ago, not long after she’d opened her gallery way up Madison Avenue in Carnegie Hill. I was immediately intrigued: although Lesley Heller was just around the corner on 92nd Street in those days, and they were both within a […]

Living the New York art legacy: Merce Cunningham remembers meeting John Cage for the first time.

Merce Cunningham in conversation with Laura Kuhn, "Dancers on a Plane" Tuesday March 31. Photo: Enid Alvarez – © Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, NY

I have sung the praises of the Guggenheim’s “Third Mind” show repeatedly here on A Sky filled with Shooting Stars. What I haven’t mentioned here yet is the “Third […]