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One of the greatest photography books ever published – Chris Killip’s “In Flagrante”.

I have been waiting for this book to arrive for some time: the wonderful and important new Errata Editions “Books on Books” version of what, in my undoubtedly biased opinion, is one of the greatest photography books ever published. Chris Killip’s […]

Personal recommendations: the AIPAD Photography Show

Lottie Davies, "The Red Devil" (2008), $5,000

You don’t go to the AIPAD photography fair for surprises, usually. The Association of International Photography Art Dealers, currently celebrating its 3oth anniversary, is a membership organization that represents most of the blue-chippers in this particular branch of the art dealers’ world. […]

“Abstraction is what I like, and it’s what I feel I should do. I feel left with it. I feel responsible.” – Robert Ayers in conversation with Frank Stella.

Frank Stella's 1976 Art Car, a BMW 3.0 CLS

Frank Stella is one the best known, most important, and most regularly provocative artists of the modernist tradition. When he made his first black “pinstripe” paintings in 1959 and then declared “What you see is what you see” […]

“Everywhere and nowhere” – Robert Ayers in conversation with Ann Hamilton

Ann Hamilton, "human carriage" (2009) Photo: The 3rd Heat on flickr

I’m happy to admit that Ann Hamilton is one of my favorite artists. And, as of this moment, she is the first artist to be represented twice in that long list of interviews in the left sidebar of […]

Personal recommendations: Bonnard at the Met

Pierre Bonnard, "Dessert" (1940)

A Sky filled with Shooting Stars concerns itself primarily with New York’s contemporary art scene but, as any fool knows, without an appreciation of art’s histories, any sense of contemporary significance is going to be entirely unhinged. Imagine my recent conversation with Larry Poons […]

“My intention is to create mystery.” – Robert Ayers in conversation with Kenneth Snelson.

Kenneth Snelson, "Sleeping Dragon" (2002-03)

Kenneth Snelson is one of the most single-minded of contemporary artists. Fashions in art have swirled and shifted around him since the 1960s, but he has remained faithful to an abiding concern with the interplay of natural forces, and a dedication to finding ways in which […]

Armory Week in review: Robert Ayers’s scorecard

Felipe Jesus Consalvos,"Fictional Aspects of a Fact" (c.1920-50)

I managed to set some kind of world record last March when I covered all eleven of the Armory Week fairs for ARTINFO. This time around things are rather more manageable, as only seven fairs have managed to […]

Personal recommendations: Bridge and PooL

Bridge New York was one of last year’s big surprises. As I had only known it as a Miami hotel fair, it was real treat to find it entirely transformed in the Waterfront tunnel that runs between 11th and 12th Avenues in distant Chelsea. This time around there’s not that same sense of discovery, […]

On the fingers of one hand: SCOPE supremo Alexis Hubshman tells us it’s “no longer the eye-candy trophy scenario!”

Alexis Hubshman

The almost over-energetic Alexis Hubshman is director of SCOPE, the fair that won’t sit still. One day he’s talking about new SCOPEs in Madrid or Dubai, the next he’ll tell you about the SCOPE Foundation and its commissioning program, or the new cinema series, or whatever next new […]

Personal recommendations: the pick of PULSE

Chris Jordan, "Lightbulbs" (2009), $25,000

For the second year running PULSE have come up with a quite splendid fair on Pier 40. Thought-provoking, entertaining, wide-ranging, and even surprising, these are all words that I would happily apply to the art down there, and […]