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Buy these before somebody else gets there first!

Helen Altman, "Artichoke Skull" (2008)

There’s a fantastic show by Helen Altman called Greetings from Home at DCKT Contemporary on the Bowery . Its ostensible subject matter is truth set alongside illusion, though to my sensibility its theme seems more concerned with domestic horror. There are goldfish, a weeping steam iron, some […]

What the young folks are up to nowadays … little marvin and his W.O.W. (War on War.)

little marvin

I have, for the first time in my life so far as I know, been Twittered. Or that should be “tweeted,” shouldn’t it?

Down in the shadow of the New Museum, the Anonymous Gallery (underneath White Box at 329 Broome) is hosting little marvin’s ongoing performance installation, MAKE […]

Living the New York art legacy: Louise Nevelson

Richard Avedon, "Louise Nevelson, Sculptress, New York City, May 13, 1975"

To an outsider like myself who comes to live and work in New York’s art world, one of the most refreshing characteristics of the place is just how much ongoing respect people have for the history of the arts that have been made […]

Personal recommendations: the best of the ADAA Art Show

The folks at the Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA) got a bit shirty with my colleagues at a couple of years back because ARTINFO had suggested that the ADAA Art Show was a less important event than the Armory Show. That was unfortunate because not only is the Armory Show (which this year […]

“There’s no gap between seeing and understanding.” – Robert Ayers in conversation with Larry Poons.

Larry Poons

When Larry Poons left high school in 1955 his ambition was to become a composer. Despite his art teacher telling him he could “do something in art,” he was convinced that he couldn’t draw and decided to attend the New England Conservatory of Music. It was while […]

One of the most depressing books I’ve ever read …

Aperture Foundation publishes beautiful photography books. I can’t remember the last time they produced anything without a memorable picture or striking design on its cover. But Jonathan Torgovnik’s heart-stopping volume, Intended Consequences: Rwandan Children Born of Rape, is something different. Though it includes page after page of heartbreaking and yes, beautiful […]

“I feel naked all of a sudden.” Gregory Crewdson gives the game away.

Gregory Crewdson, fully clothed

I want to thank the College Group at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for a real treat yesterday evening. To tie in with the museum’s excellent current show “Reality Check: Truth and Illusion in Contemporary Photography,” celebrity-photographer Gregory Crewdson talked about his work and […]

Exhibition of the year!

Tehching Hsieh, "Punching the Time Clock on the Hour, One Year Performance" (1980-81)

When I predicted 2009’s top five museum shows for ARTINFO, I hedged my bets by concluding that “this time next year we’ll be reflecting on a whole bunch of other shows that turned out to […]

Personal recommendations: First Thursday in DUMBO

These personal recommendations are going to be a regular slot here on A Sky filled with Shooting Stars. Thursday evening I visited 111 Front Street in DUMBO to see the show at Klompching that I’d recommended in my January preview on ARTINFO, and to take in some of the neighborhood’s First Thursday openings. […]