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See this now: “BEYOND Color” at Bruce Silverstein


Mare Cosindas, "Andy Warhol NYC" (1966)

At Bruce Silverstein’s gallery on West 24th Street currently there is a show that any public museum could take pride in: “BEYOND Color: Color in American Photography 1950-1970)” is a quite riveting exposition of an era which is now difficult to imagine: A time when the majority […]

“I was very fortunate in coming to New York at a time before things got out of control.” Robert Ayers in conversation with Claes Oldenburg.

Claes Oldenburg, 1997 [full photo credits can be found at the foot of this post]

Last Tuesday I wrote here that “50 Years at Pace” was “without a doubt the best gallery show opening this week – and probably this year, to be frank.” The four Pace galleries are littered with some of the […]

“I think it’s color, really, that keeps me interested.” – Robert Ayers in conversation with Richard Smith.

Richard Smith, 2001 (Photo: Rose Smith)

Had I not stumbled upon performance art in the early 1970s, it is very possible that I would have dedicated my artistic efforts to abstract painting after the particular example of my compatriot Richard Smith (born 1931). When I was a young British art student there were very […]

Living the New York art legacy: Merce Cunningham remembers meeting John Cage for the first time.

Merce Cunningham in conversation with Laura Kuhn, "Dancers on a Plane" Tuesday March 31. Photo: Enid Alvarez – © Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, NY

I have sung the praises of the Guggenheim’s “Third Mind” show repeatedly here on A Sky filled with Shooting Stars. What I haven’t mentioned here yet is the “Third […]

Living the New York art legacy: Louise Nevelson

Richard Avedon, "Louise Nevelson, Sculptress, New York City, May 13, 1975"

To an outsider like myself who comes to live and work in New York’s art world, one of the most refreshing characteristics of the place is just how much ongoing respect people have for the history of the arts that have been made […]