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On the fingers of one hand: Sundaram Tagore says, “The idea is to use art as a vehicle to bring people together.”

West 21st Street, post Sandy (Photo: Lindsay Howard, courtesy Hyperallergic)

First, a personal note about this week’s dreadful events. Three days after I most recently returned west from New York City, the entire north east of the US was torn up by “superstorm” Sandy. For anyone like myself who regards New York City as […]

“Poetry is what I hope I have achieved.” Robert Ayers in conversation with Shirazeh Houshiary

Shirazeh Houshiary, "String Quintet" (2011)

Excellent news for southern Californian admirers of sophisticated painting and sculptures: Shirazeh Houshiary opened a small show based around her spectacular sculpture String Quintet (2011) at LA Louver last week. Rather implausibly it’s actually her first show in Los Angeles.

I have been intrigued by Ms Houshiary’s work since […]

The Kiev Biennale: One month later

The Kiev Biennale: installation was reported completed June 14.

Given my rather critical account of my experiences in Ukraine last month, I thought it only fair to add this update. I’m afraid there is little good news, however.

On June 14 (which is to say, three weeks after the scheduled opening) I received an […]

Waiting for the Kiev Biennale

“Everything happens in due place and due time. No phenomenon or event ever occurs earlier or later than it might, but only when it is ready” – Nataliia Zabolotna, Commissioner of the Kiev Biennale in her foreword to the exhibition catalogue.

Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kiev

Everyone involved in large-scale art events occasionally suffers the classic […]

Best and Worst at the Armory Show Contemporary

Jesper Just "Some Draughty Window" (2007) (Video Still)

Galleries may come and galleries may go, but The Armory Show goes on forever, it would seem. And for most of those thousands of visitors who will stand on line outside on Twelfth Avenue this weekend, “The Armory Show” means the Contemporary pier. This – far […]

Best and Worst at the ADAA Art Show

Joseph Cornell, "Aviary with Parrot and Drawers" (1949)

This is a really good ADAA Art Show, the best I can recall for some time. The Art Dealers Association of America is after all a professional organization, and after the last few years’ vying with the Armory Show for top-dog status, it’s as though they’ve […]

Best and Worst at The Armory Show Modern

James Castle, "Photo Album' (undated)(Courtesy Fleisher/Ollman Gallery)

First, let’s just say that something rather wonderful has happened on Pier 92. In its brief lifespan the “Modern” section of The Armory Show has gone from uncertain beginnings through enthusiastic acceptance. Now though, with the almost total relaxation of distinctions between “Modern” and “Contemporary”, and […]

On the fingers of one hand – Jane Cohan of the VIP Art Fair tells us, “It’s very, very, very exciting!”

The brains behind the VIP Art Fair – from left, Jonas and Alessandra Almgren, and Jane and Jim Cohan.

Most of us have a bit of a love-hate relationship with art fairs. One of the worst things about them is the travel: Basel is a lovely little town in Switzerland, for example. But to […]

Art Fair Conversations – Armory Arts Week, 2010

Clayton Price, "Unheeded Warning" (2001) at Verge

This is the busiest – and many people would say the most important – week in the New York City art calendar. The Armory Show itself, on the west side’s Piers 92 and 94, is one of the world’s most significant art fairs. Every year it attracts […]

“Everybody is very excited!” – Robert Ayers in conversation with Katelijne de Backer.

Katelijne de Backer

This Wednesday, March 3, sees the opening of the twelfth edition of the Armory Show, the biggest yet, with almost 300 galleries exhibiting. Of course the Armory Show’s arrival in New York City each spring is not simply about one of the world’s most important art fairs. There is the palpable […]